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We engineer solutions to enable the inevitable expansion of humanity beyond Earth. But Ararat Robotics is more than a company, it's a cause, the driving force at the forefront of human advancement in space.


With the total population growing beyond 7 billion, it has become apparent that humanity can not stake its entire survival solely on Earth, especially given the human-caused environmental defects that year after year become more pronounced. At Ararat Robotics, we envision a world where humans live and work on multiple planetary and lunar bodies throughout space, pursuing survival and human advancement. The company was founded to facilitate that pursuit, thereby uniting humankind and promoting the democratization of space.


We are studying the moon and innovating ways to mine it. Why? Because recent studies of the moon show that it is the next frontier of human advancement. We have published a white paper detailing why the moon is so significant in preserving human existence and the democratization of space. Find out more here.


On April 5th, 2021, Ararat Robotics had its very first meeting, a founding moment in our company's history, a "fait accompli", a planting of a seed into the minds of six other individuals who proved their commitment through a rigorous selection process. We began forging our thoughts, ideas, and conversations into tangible strategies by the second meeting, and today we are on the verge of a breakthrough idea that has the potential to change the world forever. Multiplanetary human existence is possible; the moon is our first stop.



Above all else, Ararat Robotics is a cause for the unity of humankind, for the pursuit of something more robust than self-interest and more flexible than tradition: a shared purpose to shape a better, multi-planetary future for all.


It means expressing one's best ability with a distinct desire to succeed and unbent belief that it is on excellence that our common future is dependent, that it is the only path forward.


A person with integrity demonstrates character, is guided by sound moral and ethical principles, and does the right thing, no matter the circumstance. It is how we build trust.


As we advance in an ever-changing world, we adapt, we implement the most extraordinary ability possessed by humankind as we engineer solutions that respond directly to the needs of our clients when they need it.


It is first of all about the willingness to change in the face of the status quo. It is about the everyday decisions that cause change and ultimately progress to support us in facilitating our mission.


Our work is judged by the people we serve; therefore, our ultimate responsibility is to remain transparent. Being called out when we are wrong is what allows us to develop. We are all about letting the people we serve voice their opinion.


"Hope inspires people and makes them achieve sometimes impossible victories. Dark forces hate hope, and by all means they try to uproot hope from the hearts of people. When hope is cut off, man turns into a slave of dark forces or the slave of chaos. A hopeless person is like a trapped animal in the hands of his physical, emotional, and mental enemies "

  • Torkom Saraydarian