Ararat Robotics is a ship, one full of talent and ambition enough to take humanity to different worlds. Our door is open to like-minded people. We want everyone who is ready to take on this responsibility to join our team.  Become part of the change. Build the future.


The most remarkable feats in human history are all the things that were difficult to overcome and, in turn, things that paved the way to a brighter future. To this day, people remember the moon landing. However, more importantly, the moon landing happened so long ago that today there is speculation that it never did. That is why Ararat Robotics, along with other space agencies, is going to the moon. To once again make history. Moreover, right now, more than ever, we need you!


Our core values speak for the culture of the company. We work not because we have to but because we want to. The person to the right and the left are there because they believe in the same thing that everyone else believes, with a mentality best described by what JFK said in his most iconic address to the nation and the world, "we are going to the moon not because it's easy, but because it's hard." Everyone here puts their best foot forward, pushing us closer and closer to the moon and beyond every day.