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A summary of the current state of the White Paper and how it will impact our future decisions as an organization.

Lunar Economy is the Future. Read the teaser here.

Ararat I is a first gen CubeSat to be constructed by Ararat Robotics. Read more on the missions page.

Applications are live. The deadline is April 30th. Learn why you should join our team on the careers page.

Rutgers students create startup dedicated to human expansion beyond Earth.

For Investors - We Are Going Back To The Moon

Major Pitch To Investors At Starta VC. The team spent the entire month of June(2021) test pitching in preparation for the demo day. Continue Reading


We engineer solutions to enable the inevitable expansion of humanity beyond Earth. But Ararat Robotics is more than a company, it's a cause, the driving force at the forefront of human advancement in space.


Above all else, Ararat Robotics is a cause for the unity of humankind, for the pursuit of something more robust than self-interest and more flexible than tradition: a shared purpose to shape a better, multi-planetary future for all.